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Monday, November 26, 2012

Cloudsdale Cafe Episode 5 - Atomic Vortex & Blue Breeze

Download this episode on mediafire here!

This week we had a dual interview! We interviewed both Blue Breeze and Atomic Vortex, otherwise known as Tim and Joe! Find them here!

Welcome to CloudsDale Cafe, where Ragin can't read Canadian

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and Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian viewers!

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This week's Cast:
Ragin Pinkie Pie
Cinnamon Top
TheGamingGnome (Nick)
Topnotchbrony (Tommy)

And our Mixer: Technic Shadow

My Little Pony brand belongs to Hasbro
All art shown in the livestream belongs to there respective owners (there's seriously too many artist to list haha)

And music was provided by Fillydelphia Radio! find their station here!

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